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Non Emergency Medical Transport for Seniors & the Differently-abled

Night & Weekend Rides 

Because Quality of Life Matters,   Period.

Companion Service

Door Through Door Service at Appointments, When You Need it.

Delivery Service

You Order and Pay,

   Next Ride Delivers. 

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Every Next Ride* includes door-to-door service (unless rider declines) to ensure the  rider gets into their destination and arrives safely back home.

Ambulatory  Ride  - One Way $7
Ambulatory Ride - Round Trip $14
Ambulatory Ride - W/ Companion Service   
$14 Base plus $5 per 15 minutes of companion time

Companion Service is a door-through-door service that assists riders with navigating to their appointments and back to the vehicle when their appointment is finished. 

Prescription & Grocery Delivery $7

You order & Pay, Next Ride picks-up and delivers.

Airport Shuttle Service to:

Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Des Moines
*Call for rates for destinations outside of Jefferson County, Iowa.
We understand how much mobility affects quality of life.
Our drivers focus on safety, reliability, and flexibility to ensure every Jefferson County resident has the means to get wherever life calls. Day or night.
Next Ride Paratransit Inc is a family-run 501c3 non-profit organization. Every ride includes a door-to-door escort. Optional door-through-door companion services are available so you or your loved one can have peace of mind with every trip. Delivery service, after-hours and weekend rides are available now for seniors and other ambulatory riders, with wheelchair access coming in 2023.
Next Ride relies on your generous donations to fulfill our mission of providing safe, dignified and timely rides to seniors and the differently-abled individuals.
All donations are tax deductible.

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Your support makes a tangible difference in your community

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