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Senior Couple


Next Ride is on a mission to provide every rider with a dignified, safe and timely ride. Day or night. 


Our vision is to support and empower seniors and differently-abled residents to maintain the agency to fully engage in life.

Grandmother and Grandson

The Next Ride Origin Story

Next Ride is a women-owned & family-operated 501c3 non-profit that started with a dream for a family business that began over 20 years ago.

Gerrie Stood 

CEO General Operations


I'm Gerrie Stood, founder and CEO of Next Ride. I have enjoyed over two decades of management and administrative support experience, including more than 15 years providing home health care to clients in Illinois and Iowa.

After providing care for clients of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of mobility, it occurred to me that the happiest of my clients weren't the healthiest or wealthiest or even those with the greatest mobility. No, of all the people I've ever cared for, the happiest have been those that had access to a vehicle and stayed engaged in their communities. Really.

My happiest, most well-adjusted client, in a wheelchair, was a quadriplegic. Really, really. They had a vehicle to use not just for medical appointments or scheduled outings during business hours. We're talking evening shopping, holiday light displays, rock concerts, family dinners, sporting events-- you name it! I've also had clients in motorized wheelchairs who had to sludge for miles through snowy streets at night to get home from their child's play performances at the local high school. It's not just uncomfortable, It's dangerous! That's why we're adamant about night and weekend ride service in addition to regular NEMT service during business hours. We also offer varying levels of companion service to ensure each rider feels comfortable, safe, and confident .

Our Family Team

I'm fortunate to have my two beautiful daughters, both tech-savvy and service-minded, by my side at the start of this amazing adventure.

Kennidy has her master's degree in sustainable community development and a background in program management and community service. She will be working on grants and some of Next Ride's marketing.

Madelyn is mom to a preschooler and has a long history of compassionate communication. She currently works helping the elderly and will be taking care of Next Ride's phones and dispatching.

Our shared vision is not only to fill in the gaps of our existing transportation system but also to provide jobs that are meaningful, flexible and will pay well for years to come here in Jefferson County. 

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read about us. We look forward to seeing where our Next Ride adventures take us.  


The Stood Family 

Kennidy Stood 

Marketing & Grant Writing 


Madelyn Stood 

Daily Operations

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